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Since 2003, DCC has provided new and used concrete highway barriers nationwide for crowd control, traffic control, and property protection through industrial and commercial products along with matching accessories. We offer cost-effective solutions you can use not only to facilitate traffic, but also to enhance the security of your property.

For areas with high traffic volumes, our road barriers are made to be low maintenance safety instruments that fit around the setting. Where road hazards and accidents are common, roadside protection is a must and foremost priority. A crash barrier in place along highways and high speed roads can help eliminate roadside hazards and minimize the risk of accidents. Our barriers may also be installed in school yards, pedestrian zones, and other settings where priority for protection is high.

DCC predominantly provides new and used concrete barriers (also known as K-Rail), and water-filled barricades.  We also provide decorative concrete planters. With DCC you can be assured of first class efficient service, competitive pricing, and the best products in the industry when it comes to your traffic and crowd control product needs.

Use Jersey Barriers (K-Rail) to limit traffic, block off a parking lot or road entrance, add maximum security to your fence line, or any other application you can think of.  DCC provides you with quality products shipped LOCALLY, where you need them and when you need them.

The DCC sales team will gladly assist you in purchasing the road barriers you need. Give us a call at 866-755-3325 or leave us a message online should you need to inquire about our product offerings and other services. Our telephone lines operate 24/7 to serve you.

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December 1, 2016

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